Birthday Week in the Planner

This week is the week of my ! December 08, I turn 36. For some reason, I keep saying 37. I do not know why!

birthday week

Here’s this current week, mostly filled out! I got things done! That counts for something!

birthday week

And this coming week. May I say I am SO I get to use my Snowman paperclip again

birthday week

Monday through Wednesday. I really the color scheme for this kit! It completely suits me right now! It’s called Mermaid Kisses by Planning Made Easy!

birthday week

The rest of the week! I’m off for THREE days! THREE WHOLE DAYS! Including my birthday! The best part of that? I did not request those days off. I just mentioned to my boss that I was wondering about the schedule, so we could make birthday plans for me! Isn’t that the sweetest?

birthday week

I have found that I cannot keep up with a . I use My Fitness Pal to log my food (sometimes), so there’s no real point for it. So, now I have the workouts for the week listed, and then boxes for the calories, minutes, etc! And a spot for what shake I made (I currently only have vanilla, but I can make different things with it!). I’m tracking for fitness (it’s my pre-). I love it because it does NOT cause issues with my anxiety, as long as I give it at least 15 minutes to kick in before I out!

If you’re curious, I’m starting Core de Force on Monday! I’m both excited and . I’ve tried the walk-through and give up halfway through. But, I’m going to do it now!

And I have a travel journal/ coming. It’s an (with a cover!). I’m so excited!

Do you have any big plans for this week? Anything special?! Feel free to share!


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