Trying Something New … Again

So, I need to go back to the gym. Badly!

Not happy with me

I’m not happy with how I look. I’m not happy with how I feel. I’m not happy. It’s not just a physical thing. It’s a mental thing.

October monthly in my Plum Paper.
  The month has been super busy. This doesn’t show my work schedule. Today? 100% overtime. Guess who’s working again tomorrow? (oh, and Sunday and Monday, but we’re not going to discuss that).   So, I need to get back on track with the stuff. I need to stop making excuses. My latest one is “I don’t have my ” (it went missing). So, I got a settlement from Apple (ebook thing) and I spent $20 on an . No more excuses.  

I’m allowed to make excuses for doubles πŸ˜‰ That’s not really an excuse. That’s 30k in steps alone.


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