Long Time … Why No Post

Someone hasn’t blogged in awhile. We’re not going to mention the lack of vlogging either. But the reason?

I ended up sick, which meant things got . That means I fell behind in everything.

The real truth is that my bi-polar gave me a bit of a ride the past ten or so days. That means that I was barely motivated to move out of the bed for work. I’m thankful that I know the signs, and it didn’t get as bad as it could. I’m also thankful I have friends and family who help me in ways they would never understand!

Look who is going to attempt a thing? I decided that I needed to start using my from Michael’s more often 😉

Stickers are as well!

And this week is going to be sucktastic! I’m working tomorrow through Sunday :O Seven days straight :O I’m gonna be a little tired!

I love my vertical, lines only!


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