This Is How I Work Now

My desk got too small, what with all my crazy amounts of pens and my laptop. I want to be able to use my but I didn’t have any space!

Now, I have a from Amazon, that was super cheap ($20!), and it’s sturdy! So sturdy. I have it set at the higher setting (you flip the “legs” to make it taller). I love it. I can slide a pen holder, my phone, or whatever underneath! I HAVE SPACE.

But, I found a problem with it. I was sitting at an awkward angle and it was hurting my wrists and shoulders to try and type on the keyboard. That’s not going to work. AT ALL.

So, I pulled out my . It was one of the reasons I required my laptop to have a Bluetooth connection (plus I could connect my phone, my speakers, my . You know, all the things ;)). Anyways, now I can use all the space, and I can still actually type. The only downfall is that the keyboard does NOT have the side area for numbers, so I play Hunt-n-Peck with the numbers.






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