This Crazy Week … And Next Week! PLUS SOME CAVE PICS!

I was on . I meant to blog while I was gone but the internet SUCKED at the hotel. I couldn’t get pics to upload. AT ALL. WordPress app isn’t working on my phone, either. Issues with image uploading. Something with Jetpack. Ugh.
The lack of internet also had an effect on my ability to work out. When your workouts are online, that messes up things ?

But I did give Shakeology a try. I think I might be getting a month of it at some point, to give it a full shake but the days I had it, I found it easier to make smarter food decisions. I felt like I had more energy. And … the best part? My strange digestive system didn’t hate it! It seemed to even like it!

I’m back to work at 645a tomorrow morning. I don’t want to go! ? Josh is off tomorrow still. Though, I guess it’s good for us to just take a bit of a break from each other. By the time we were leaving, we were about ready to kill each other!

Some shots from the . We had planned to go to Grant’s Farm. Then we go there and there was backed up about 2-3 city blocks. Yeah, that was a no. So, we tried for the St. Louis . Yeah, that was the biggest no way in hell. Half the parking lots were “full” but not really. No one was keeping track of when they emptied. Anyway, that was a big “oh hell no” and we left before even getting close to the entrance. Stopped at a stop light and saw the aftermath of an accident … AND THEN WE GOT BLOCKED BY A FIRE ENGINE … which had plenty of room to only block ONE lane. They didn’t need both. All the passengers of both cars were out and walking around!

So, we were just going to go back to the hotel and swim for the rest of the day. We drove past some signs for Meramac Caverns. Dad used to camp there as a kid with family. So, he got excited. I went on a cave tour in middle school (Marengo Caves in Indiana). Ethan was scared but he had a blast. Hunter had a blast. Dad couldn’t stop taking pictures. Mom was even fascinated. MADISON GOT SUCKED IN!

Madison really did enjoy herself and was willing to even pose for pictures! ?

Ethan had to be forced into a smile “Don’t Fart” always works!

I can’t even hate myself for how I look in a funhouse-style mirror. I am learning to love all the things about me. All parts of me, mental, physical, and emotional! It’s a work in progress, but I am getting there!



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