Goals for 2016: Quantifiable and Trackable

I wrote these at work during slow times, and honestly, I am quite proud of them. I think they are exactly what I need to follow, AND I can easily split them up by month and then by week, and even by day. It’s hard to give up on a goal when it’s something small every day that I need to do!

So, here are my goals!

  1. Fitness/Health
    • Lose 15 pounds
      I’m currently 130lb. I was 120 at the beginning of the year and saw 115 at some point. I can do that again. I just need to focus. Not give up!
    • Track and start to conquer trich.
      I need to figure out my triggers and work from there.
    • Nightguard
      I spent enough on that thing. I can feel the damage, even to the fillings. I need to work on the consistency!
    • 15k a day in steps.
      I need to stop being so sedentary!
    • At least 2017 miles in 2017.
      That will be based on miles track with my FitBit. Bad thing, though, is that means like 5-7 pairs of sneakers in 2017,
  2. Online Life
  3. Memories
    • Project 365
      Screenshots WILL NOT count!
    • Project 52
      Scrap those pictures!
    • One Little Word (Gratitude)
  4. Other
    • Read at least 150 books
    • Complete reading challenges
    • Don’t just focus on what needs to be done; remember what has also been completed.

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19 December, 2016 · 9:36 am

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