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Bring On November

Just a few more minutes left until November starts!

Be it a good one!

READING: MacGregors by Nora Roberts
MAKING: Newsletter images :O
FEELING: Headache
LOVING: One more month down!

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31 October, 2016 · 11:36 pm

NaNoWriMo Is Almost Here!

After gaining back the weight that I’d lost, it’s time to get “back on the wagon” and get my health back on track. I can feel it emotionally as well as physically weighing on me!

Using a Create 365 Fitness Planner. Starting in January, I’ll be using a Recollections Fitness Planner. I’ll do a walk-through of it when it arrives!
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30 October, 2016 · 10:00 pm

Back to Reality

Tomorrow, I go back to work.

Today, I’m enjoying my “last day of freedom”.

Madison got to have a friend over for the weekend. I love that she was able to do that (and that I like her friend’s mom )

I’m not ready to go back to work. I’ve heard things. I’m scared of those things.

Oh well. Work is work and I gotta go.

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Day in the Life … 10/27/2016


Subtract a half hour #dayinthelife #aedayinthelife #tooearly #goodmorning #photofy @photofyapp

I swear, I was actually awake earlier than this clock says. It’s half an hour fast!

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28 October, 2016 · 2:24 pm

Halloween is in the Air!

Currently listening to just Halloween music right now. I’m working on the newsletter for Gingerscraps, but I had to share because OH. EM. GEE!

This morning, it looked like this:


That’s FOG! It was SUPER thick!

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27 October, 2016 · 8:09 pm