So, I failed at the goals for August. Though VEDAugust went pretty decently. I’ve only missed two days so far!

Here’s a PLAYLIST if you want to check them out!

But, I’m going to work on some goals for September, and let’s review at the end of the month to see how well I do on that!

  • I’m going to “Walk to Fitness“. I know! I know! This goal sounds ridiculous, but, of the list of goals I have, this is honestly one I know I’ll enjoy and be able to commit to easily. I love working out with Leslie Sansone. The steps are easy, and if I get lost, I can just go back to actual walking. It’s so much easier to follow. I might throw in a Country Heat routine or something on my days off (what are those again? I say that on my day off )
  • Water is one of those goals I struggle with majorly. I suck at drinking my water. I say this as I have a partially empty water bottle on my side. I just … ugh. I don’t drink enough liquids period.
  • Another of my goals that I will enjoy. I want to take “PokeWalks” with my daughter. It’s how I get her up and moving. It’s great. I love her! I’m also not ashamed to admit that I enjoy Pokemon Go. If only I could make my phone battery last longer. I currently have a 10k egg that needs to freaking hatch already!
  • I also have camera-related goals. I want to vlog more often. Not just with my phone but with the camera I did way too much damn research on, .

I’m going to need help achieving these goals! Especially the fitness ones. I need people to go “Hey, YOU! Get off your ass! Fucking DO IT already!”

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LISTENING TO: My House by FloRida

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