The Next 4 Weeks


There’s something about putting it out in the world, online, anywhere, that you’re going to achieve a goal.

Today, I’m making that commitment.

Maybe NOW I’ll actually accomplish a goal!

Maybe now I’ll actually see a DIFFERENCE.

Goal 1: The GYM

Time to stop making excuses. I pay enough for this thing (not as much as I could be, considering I have access to 17 locations and my husband is also a member with this), and I need to use it.

  1. Schedule a time. Minimum of 3 times a week, schedule dependent.
  2. Get up ON TIME for these appointments. Start thinking of them as appointments. No excuses!
  3. Get there. Do the workouts. Complete that C25K. Unfettered access to a treadmill. No excuses about the weather. Heck, can’t even complain about data. Free wifi with membership!
  4. Don’t half-ass! Do it! Push myself. Don’t kill myself, but push myself.

Goal 2: The DIET

Yes, I like to tell people I work out so I can eat whatever I want, and that’s partially true. I also want to eat healthier.

  1. Budget for the healthier foods. Summer is the perfect time for fruits and veggies. They’re so damn cheap right now!
  2. Find the cauliflower “pasta” replacements. Start cooking with those. I love me some cauliflower!
  3. Make more wraps instead of sandwiches.They’re more filling and you know you love them!
  4. Start meal planning, and if there’s room in the freezer (tiny ass freezer), start some meal prepping so Josh (husband) stops with the “fend for yourself” meals or things that are really unhealthy, like Tuna Helper (ew)

Goal 1: Become a FISH

No, don’t literally turn into a fish, but become ONE with the WATER!

  1. Utilize the days off. Pool is cheap. Pool is nice. Pool location is wonderful. Use it!
  2. Drink the water. I don’t drink enough liquids PERIOD, and with the humidity increasing, I really need to focus on the water intake!
  3. It’s okay to take a soak in the tub. It’s good for the muscles. Have an Epsom soak once a week. It’s good for the mind and the body!



I hit 95lb, as a test, on a row machine, and I want to be able to do 3 sets of 8 with it. I won’t hit it in the 4 weeks, but I will work on that!


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