That’s a Size 2 ….


I had to buy new shorts. Like had to. The ones I had were gapping so bad on the waist that even a belt wouldn’t have helped! It was terrible!

The ones in this pic are size 2s! And they’re a little loose! I also bought 2 pairs in size 4, but they fit a little tighter but they’re different cuts! But I’m so thrilled with them!


Before I went shopping, I took a walk! It was a nice walk, but slower than I’m actually used to,


Before that I did with Tony Horton (or something like that). I was going to do , but that is so not my jam. I couldn’t follow it at all. I like the idea of kicking ass in ten minutes more, and then adding the walk in afterwards as my “cooldown”. It’s perfect!

Have I mentioned that I love Beachbody on Demand? I can get 21-Day-Fix for really cheap too!


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