Today … I Started Over


I had some big ballsy plans to go big and use tens for my workout. That was a failure, big time. I could barely lift the 5s! That’s sad, crazy and I feel like a failure. But I at least worked out!


I did my , Week 3, Day 01! I forgot my pre-workout though! I use by FitMiss! It’s really good, honestly. So, I chugged some down and did some 30 Day Beginner Shred with Jillian Michaels! I’m proud of myself for doing it!


I was a little worn out after,but I felt great. I felt great all day! It was great! How many times can I say great? 😀


I didn’t even care that my clothes didn’t even match. Who cares? Seriously?!


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3 responses to “Today … I Started Over

  1. Way to go!! You’ll get to the 10 lbs some day. One work out at a time!

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