Project 2016: Week 01

It’s only the second week (officially started the 3rd week), but I am already behind. As I shared in yesterday’s post, I’ve been busy, :lol:. It’s okay, though. I’m at least taking pictures. I’m researching desks, cameras, and laptops, so I’m ready to get more productive again!

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January came in without much fanfare. It was a good week, winning two out of three Workweek Hustles I’m proud of myself for that. My goal for 2016 is to hit goal as many days as possible. No excuses. So far, I’m doing great at it, too! YAY!

I’ve set a goal of 250 books for 2016 as well. I also want to blog more about my reading; book reviews and things, as well as expanding my actual reading tendencies. Not just romance by some non-fiction as well! We shall see how that goes in 2016!

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The week also included some work hours, which I’m happy for. I’m not getting enough sleep but I’m used to that. But I now have my temp crown. I like that I’m one step closer to not having to go to the dentist every other week! Though what am I going to write in my planner now?

The best came out when I came home from a day of like no sleep and Josh had made the bed AFTER buying the softest warmest sheets ever. I’m so thankful that he’s such an amazing guy. I love him so much. Balance is slowly happening for 2016. It’s not an overnight thing but it’s all about balance.



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