Merry Christmas


My babies had a good Christmas, I think. They didn’t get a lot of toys, but they’re outgrowing them. Ethan got a few Lego sets, as did Madison. She also got 2 “adult” coloring books, which she asked for. She got an owl one and an animal one. Plus some art supplies!

Enjoying a glass of wine #merrychristmas

I enjoyed a glass of wine. I needed it. Fronts are coming at us from all directions and OH MY GOD MY SKIN IS SO DRY!


Josh got me the perfect set of earrings and a matching necklace. I told him snowflakes but he picked up flowers instead and they suit me so much more (snowflakes would have worked too since I’m a December baby)


He also got me my obsession: Slave Leia! 😀 I’m so excited!


Ended the night with a pretty girl!!


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