Hey Honey, How Was Your Day?


I got up “bright and early”, meaning before the bus came but after Ethan had gotten onto the bus. That even meant dressed. Not showered or anything. I do that right before because otherwise sometimes my hair gets gross.

So, I did the . My goal was two loads. I accomplished the two loads. Well, they’re washed and dried. That’s important 😉


After the first load was going, I made myself a cup of . I’m trying to stick to one cup a day because more than that can cause some digestive issues. Yeah, that’s not fun to deal with.

So, I got out my chocolate peanut butter cup that my friend Krissy sent me and my Frosted Sugar Cookie that is seriously the best ever! I love this creamer so much. Even let them know on their Facebook that I’d love it if they could do it year round. Who doesn’t have frosted sugar cookies year round? Christmas, yes, but also Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, birthdays, etc!


I planned out my day. It is getting me used to using the day-on-one-page by that I have. This one is the pink Today and To Dos, since my doesn’t start until January 01, 2016. Can you believe that 2016 is already coming up really soon?


WORK. Time to drive to work. I had a video clip for that, but the sticky on my dashboard holder needs to be cleaned, so the phone keeps falling off of it. Ugh!

#workselfie (I wasn't clocked in yet ?)

One of the groups I’m in asked if we had any post-work-out sweaty selfies. Work was pretty good. Danielle was feeling super terrible, so I let her know that I’d work for her tomorrow if she needs. I don’t mind working, and since I’m going to be working Wednesday, and only Wednesday for the rest of the week, I’d rather not have the day in between. It throws me off, :lol:.


After work, I drove home. I let Josh know that I might be working tomorrow. He was cool with it, as long as I’m not asked to come in on Friday. I told him that’s not happening. Everyone at work knows we’re going, 😆


And it’s nippy outside, so it’s really time for me to go to bed. Gonna do some work when I wake up, including a bit of a work-0ut. I love being able to work-out again. My foot is finally allowing it again! I was able to do jumping jacks today! Woo hoo!


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