And I Bit the Bullet

I did it! I chopped off my ! 😀

Someone got her hair cut #izombie #rosemciver #foundmyperfectcut

I really love how it turned out. It’ll be super easy to change it up, just by adding a clip or barrette, or even just a curl here or there. I love it!

When the sides and tops of your feet start to hurt, it's time for new shoes! Academy Sports had some great deals! I got these for $44 even with tax! #saucony #gridcohesion8 #silverbluemint #runningshoes #academysports

We went to Academy Sports to look at jackets for me. I need something slim but warm. Yeah, that’s $160-260 for that. SO not spending that much on a . So, instead, I finally broke down and replaced my . 😀 This time, I got a pair of Saucony. They’re seriously comfortable! They’re Saucony Grid Cohesion 8, and I got them in silver, blue, and mint. SO cute! So me. And so fun! 😀


Oh, and I finally found myself some washi! 😀 Well, sort of ! 😀 Rainbow glitter and rainbow watercolor looking!


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