Daily Archives: 19 November, 2015


Planner Life

I’m a bit of a planner freak lately. I guess that showed with yesterday’s video that I did. Anyways, I’m having a blast decorating it. It keeps me focused in it.

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This shot is of this week, thus far, up until Wednesday. It’s in my Family Planner by Plum Paper. I love that I have sections for everything I have with life!

  • Work
    Schedule for me (including days off!) and Josh’s scheduled days off.
  • Photo-a-day
    FatMumSlim, Capture Your 365, MCPhotoActions 😀
  • Madison
  • Ethan
  • Health
  • Daily To Do
  • Activities

I’m working on getting more organized, and as you can tell, after a slow start to the week, I even got more active! I’m sitting at 18k in steps right now as I’m typing this, and that number resets in like ten minutes.

Just something else I add to the planner!

And I keep getting sucked into Charmed when I’m supposed to be writing the newsletter. Hmm, I guess I better go back to that 😉