Character Creation

So, Ezra will have fireball powers. He can throw flames at people, things and what not. He has great control over his powers. He is strong. He is tough. But when it comes to his family, he is a great big teddy bear. He loves his family fiercely.

He might be the second from the youngest, but he has always acted like he was the oldest. He has always been more of the leader of the pack, rather than a follower. He has been the one everyone leans on. Sometimes that means that he is short-tempered and hard to deal with because of it. He sometimes just wants a break from all of the responsibility. Who could really blame him for that though? He deserves a break. He deserves it for sure.

Ezra’s sister Rachil, the baby of the famiy, and that term “baby” fits her perfectly. She is spoiled. Completely and totally spoiled. She was raised with everyone doting on her. She was a surprise after her parents were told that they could not have any more children, which happened long after they had decided that they were done hving children. There were complications with the pregnancy, with the birth, and several in the first few years of her life. Because of that, her family gave her everything that she had ever wanted, sometimes even before she could voice it. Or voice it in a way they could hear. Even at a young age, she had great control over her powers of manipulation and was able to let people know of her needs, wants and desires before she could even talk.

Ezra’s oldest sister is Shyann. She is the oldest in the family. She is like a second mother, but only more of a helicopter parent than their actual mother ever was. She was the only one in the family born without powers, and she was okay with that, or at least that is what she projected. Sometimes she felt left out when the family was talking about their powers, but for the most part, she truly was okay with not having powers.

The second oldest is Brice. He’s the prissy brother. Very particular and wanting everything in its place. He would have mental breakdowns if things were not perfectly in order. In modern society, he might have been diagnosed with a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In their world, he is just called anal and the like. His power is to control time. It is a good power with someone like him to have. He is able to stop time and fix things without messing up everyone else. Perfection in a power.

The last sister and missing sibling is Eulalie. She is the sweet sister, but she is quite literally missing. She ran away from home with a man many years ago, just after Rachil was born. Her power was the power to manipulate the elements. She could cause a rainstorm, a drought, etc. It was never a super strong power of hers because she never took the time to master it. She had never seen the point of it. She just preferred to be home, with family. Until she met the man that she ran away with. Then she had wanted nothing to do with her family. They were right in their assumption that it was because he was a controlling bastard, but there was nothing that they could do about it. She would not listen to a word that her family had said, and just brushed it all off. They have no idea if she is alive or if she is dead.


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