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Currentlys Again

I figured I’d start doing the Currently cards again, so here are a few.


I started Alphas today and I am already hooked with the first episode!

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Some Days Just Suck

Ugh. Work wasn’t bad except for one person. I’m just over this one person, and honestly, I think quite a few other people are as well.

I’m loving Hollywood Undead though. Seriously, Dark Places FITS the mood, as least the first verse, and the chorus. I have worked too hard to get to where I am to let ONE person fuck up everything.

Damn it, Jamie! Got me hooked on music, 😆

People say that I’m pissed off
Cause I like to shit talk
But people are fake
So just wait till their jaws lock
The click of the wrist watch
Time is running out
On my way to the tip-top
So fuck it, I can’t stop
Been waiting for too long
Started my own plot
It’s starting with this song
Damned if I’m dead wrong
Who wants to fight a lion?
Motherfuckers who hate
Just wait for me to die trying
Like I’m gonna stop now?
Like I’m gonna cop out?
Show these motherfuckers I ain’t willing to drop out
So maybe I’m pissed off
Because I’ve been ripped off


I Went to a Concert

Yesterday, I went to a concert.

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Color Me Happy