Today …

Today, we’re going back to the future.

No, I don’t know. Ignore my weirdness.

No, today, I’m frustrated but I’m not going to go into why. It’s all internet and computer related, and I think I’ve fixed it. We’ll see.

Today though, I went on my C25K day 02! Woo hoo! I got my phone ready for fall (autumn). And, we got a “free” upgrade to our data plan until 2017 (we’re paying for 3-gigs, but getting 6-gigs). WOO HOO!


I really like how these all turned out. I got the pics from Zedge (Android app). 😀 Font is … something. I installed it through iFont.

Thanks AT&T!

Not a cheap bill, but HELL YEAH! Worth it for 6-gigs! 😀 😀 😀


And GO ME! WOO HOO! I won’t be able to do the next run until Saturday because 2 days in a row is a bad idea for me, AND I have an early-ish appointment for my contact check, and I don’t want to be rushed for that.


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26 August, 2015 · 10:43 pm

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