WITL: Monday


Monday, there were a lot of things. Lost a contact, dealt with issues related to the contact. I had to work. I finally tried almond milk in cereal. I did my days 😀


Gotta wash those hands before you handle the contacts. Don’t I look lovely in the morning?

8am. Time to really get up and greet the day. First, gotta do the contacts #weekinthelife #weekinthelife2015 #sarahtm2tsweekinthelife #sarahtm2tsweekinthelife2015

Clean the contact. Clean it good 😀


After I got my contacts in, it was time to make sure that Ethan was doing all that he was supposed to do to get ready for school. First up, he has to make his water bottle (since he’d already eaten breakfast). He struggled some getting the lid on.


Then he went to catch the bus, walking with one of his friends. He makes friends so easily!

I somehow lost a contact. WTF? Gotta go get a replacement #weekinthelife #weekinthelife2015 #sarahtm2tsweekinthelife2015 #sarahtm2tsweekinthelife

I realized after he left that my vision was blurry. I apparently somehow lost a contact somewhere. WTH? Ugh!


So, I had to go to the mall (where my optometrist is located) and get a replacement. First, I had to get gas. YAY! Full tank again! Saved 8-cents too!

Got my replacement contact and now gonna walk while I wait for the store to open. #weekinthelife #weekinthelife2015 #sarahtm2tsweekinthelife2015 #sarahtm2tsweekinthelife

Since I was at the mall, I went ahead and walked it while I waited for it to officially open. Then I bought some new work shoes 😀 I got me some Fila‘s that have memory foam.


This is the face of an idiot who takes an hour to figure out that she’s had a contact in for over an hour … INSIDE OUT! Crap! And this is what started all of my eye issues that has me having to wait until Friday to start wearing them again. :'(


I made myself some cereal. I am really liking almond milk, and the Silk brand is the best I’ve had. I can taste the almonds, and there’s a little bit of the texture too, which I actually like (which is weird because I hate any sort of pulp in my orange juice!)


I didn’t like it too much. The cereal got stupid soggy really fast. But I drank the “milk” right up, :lol:. I’ll stick with eating my Cinnamon Toast Crunch dry from now on.


I got a lovely package in the mail. Yes, these are stickers. Yes, they’re for my planner. They’re by Libbie & Co. on Etsy and I’ll definitely order again. So pretty, and cut so beautifully!


The last picture for the day. My last delivery for the night, :lol:. I was starter, so I didn’t go on the floors like I usually do. I started at 3pm instead of 4, though, so I did deliver a few during that hour.


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18 August, 2015 · 6:43 pm

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