Love, Life, Walking, and Layouts

One does not simply do a creative challenge #creativechallengegonewild #llamaletters @LlamaLetters #pgw #plannersgowilduncensored

I’m joining a fun challenge (or a few). One includes playing with lettering πŸ˜€

Lost 10 pounds. Thrilled with that. Now to tone up! #fitbitflex #fitbitobsessed #fitbitstats #fitbit #fitbitchallenge #fitllamas #gobigorgohome

Another is just getting my ass toned. πŸ˜€


for August is going to be my month I complete πŸ˜€


Got off my duff and took an actual ! πŸ˜€ 2 miles! πŸ˜€


It was SO pretty just walking around by myself!


Kit: by
Template: Grade Temps by Connie Prince

You are heading off to middle school, and you’re just growing up so fast. I can’t believe just how fast.

It feels like only yesterday that you were saving me from myself and helping me become so much more than I ever thought I could be.

You’ll never know how much I love you, and how proud I am of you. I’m so excited to see where your life will lead you, but don’t scurry away too fast. I still need my baby girl in my life!×12-Temps-CU-Ok.html


Kit: Bundled Collection
Template: August 2015 Grab Bag Sale – School Supplies


Kit: August 2015


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