One of Those Days

I did do a driving vlog. I’m loving doing these. It helps me get my mind ready to go home. 😀

The day started with a headache. It was a mild version of the one I went to bed with, so I nipped it in the bud with Excedrin . I FORGOT that I have an issue with aspirin and ended up with a racing heart. Courtesy of my Samsung Galaxy S5, I was able to actually TRACK it!


That’s what it was at the peak of it all. SCARY fast, and I wasn’t doing ANYTHING. I was having a legit panic attack, courtesy of .


Before I left for work, it was still really fast (resting heart rate for me is around 72 beats per minute).


But I powered through it and did the day. Once I got through the first hour (I started an hour earlier than usual, and had to do 3 of the jobs by myself, with about 30-seconds of training). I only messed up once, and I’m proud of that 😀


and I got some MAJOR steppage from it! I had 3k when I went in to work! I walked out with 18.5k. The rest has been here at home, 😆


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