Busy Busy Friday

Today was pretty busy, though it didn’t seem like it.

We went to Walmart … saw a guy get arrested …


was completely oblivious to it!

I actually took TWO walks and it wasn’t that pleasant for either, but I did them!


First walk … Real Feel … meaning humidity made it feel like 93F! :O


Second walk. went down 4% but it made a HUGE difference, plus the breeze was a lot chillier! 😀

We went to the store and got some sodas. I don’t care. I tried cutting them out and I felt like crap. Even after going two weeks without. I started drinking them again? Weight started sliding off again. So, it’s not keeping me from losing if I drink them 😛

#freethemefriday #dontjudge #sodafiends #sponsormepepsi #sponsormedrpepper #mcpphotoaday

The Dr. Pepper ones were not purchased today. Just the and the . 😀


And the 😉


I also ordered my ! <3 YAY!


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