Happy Saturday!

I haven’t blogged about my Word of the Year lately. Not because I haven’t been . No, I have been SO freaking . Things have started to definitely look up. In the past month or so, I’ve gotten a new , I’ve lost a good chunk of weight (I’m now 1.2 pounds away from my 120lb goal! Then I’m hoping to maybe lower it to 115, and if I can’t, I’ll at least be able to start TONING what I have). I’m feeling more comfortable in my skin. Josh and I are arguing less about stupid stuff. Now we argue about everything we agree with, which is quite hilarious.

Wednesday, had her promotion to 7th grade, aka middle school. Thursday was the last day of school! I have the weekend off! We’re going camping next weekend. I have a guaranteed 40 hours every two weeks, even though I am working all 7 days starting Monday, 😆

I have a great boss, and I even sometimes get a chance to with Jamie. Seriously, I’m LOVING my life lately.

I just haven’t felt like blogging about it. I don’t know why. It’s just … feeling like I’m almost bragging and I’m scared to jinx it.

But I am happy. Even when I’m crying because my baby girl is growing up, I’m happy with how beautiful she is, inside and out.


She’s also a really talented artist. She drew this Rainbow Dash from Equestria Girls, and it’s amazing! 😀


I got pretty and .

The Ink Joy pens and the Sharpie highlighters are for work. When you deliver a tray to a diabetic, you’re supposed to contact the nurse to make sure that it’s okay. We don’t want a patient to go into a diabetic coma or anything like that. The bright colors make sure you can see. The pens are so I can write the times down. That’s how we track if we’ve delivered a tray or not. That way, if a patient says they did not receive a tray, there is a record that it was delivered.

The Flairs are for the planner and the like. I just like pretty colors 😉

wpid-20150523_130541_nw-fielding-pl.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150523_130618_nw-fielding-pl.jpg.jpeg

These two weirdos are my world. I’m so proud to be their mom! They’re amazing and wonderful. 😀

wpid-20150523_130613_nw-fielding-pl.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150523_130624_nw-fielding-pl.jpg.jpeg

And they’re loving their summer shoes. Madi’s shoes? 5/6 in women’s. They’re technically a little small, but the 7/8 were HUGE on her, and I’d rather them be a little small and NOT fall off, rather than big and she’s tripping over them.


I got some headbands that match my work-out clothes, 😆


There’s a new flavor of Dr. Pepper out: . It is DELICIOUS and addictive. There goes my plans for not drinking a lot of sodas. 😆 I also got a case of “real sugar” Dr. Pepper as well.


Madi and I played with and I played with Camera Timer on my phone.


Oh, and I got my steps in 😀 That’s a big thing because I’d planned on being super lazy. That was a failure 😆


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One response to “Happy Saturday!

  1. It’s not bragging, it’s sharing!!! I think it’s great that things are looking up. Things always get better. We just are never sure when. (????)

    You’re kids are super cute…and the Rainbow Dash? Awesome! I love them all but I have to admit my favorite pony is Applejack…well AND Rainbow…and Pinky Pie (I mean, she is so random it’s fun). LOL