Monthly Archives: April 2015


Up and Down

That’s how I felt today. Up and down. Down and up.

I didn’t let it get me “down” though. I pushed through!

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Oh Good Mail

I love a good mail haul. Especially when I only paid for ONE of the items I got!

I got a bunch of goodies in the mail! Plum Paper Planner Fitness Planner, Schick BzzAgent stuff, and Red Baron BzzAgent stuff! I’m so excited to put everything to use!

DARE Graduation

I’m so proud of Madison! She wrote the speech all by herself. She was chosen out of a good size group of kids! She did wonderful! The DARE program is such a good thing. Now, they also focus on bullying and dealing with peer pressure, and not just on how bad drugs and drinking are for you (until you’re of legal age for the drinking, of course).

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The Weekend

This weekend, we celebrated Josh’s birthday.
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Birthday Man

Today he turned 34.

He’s getting old.

So am I.

I love him though!