Currently Cards … Daily?

I think I am going to go back to doing the Cards daily again. I’ll use a combination of the ones from Kristin Papercrafts and the ones released by Inspired Designs, designed to match Right Here, Right now, available at Gingerscraps.


Watching: X-Files
Listening: Ethan’s Legos
Reading: The Texan‘s Royal M.D.
Loving: Ethan’s birthday
Feeling: Sore jaw
Admiring: Cupcake job
Contemplating: A long walk


Watching: X-Files
Listening: Ethan eat popcorn
Reading: The Texan’s Royal M.D.
Loving: Lazy days
Feeling: A little hungry
Admiring: laptops and tablets
Contemplating: going out for lunch


Watching: Crossing Jordan
Reading: Nine Months to Redeem Him
Listening: Llandros
Making: Newsletter
Feeling: some jaw pain
Planning: Shopping trip tomorrow
Loving: Spring Break ending


Watching: Stuff+
Readung: Nine Months to Redeem Him
Making: steps happen
Feeling: encouraged
Planning: making
Loving: apple melts


Watching: Llandros (Sims 3/4 Let’s Play’er)
Listening: and the Legend of the Neverbeast
Reading: The Russian‘s Ultimatum
Feeling: Tired
Admiring: step amounts for others
Contemplating: my planner


Watching: fan rotate
Reading: To Sin With the Tycoon
Listening: ears ringing
Making: happen?
Feeling: annoyed
Planning: hopefully sleep
Loving: the end to a good day


Watching: Castle
Reading: Inherited By Her Enemy
Listening: mouse clicking
Making: Apartment Smell Good
Feeling: a little sore
Planning: more steps
Loving: that I ordered a


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