Ethan Turned 10

Yesterday, my baby boy turned double-digits! I’m not ready for this at all!

And it begins. #12hoursofethan Happy Borthday to my baby boy! At ten, I guess I should stop calling him baby.

got to play Neverwinter. He doesn’t get to do it often because he tends to sell things Daddy would prefer he didn’t.

He turjed into #flash on his birthday #12hoursofethan

Ethan became The Flash when he was playing the Wii. 😀

He plays Wii while I made cupcakes #12hoursofethan

He played a lot of while I made cupcakes. Yes, they were really that green 😀

Hes a little upset. Got presen return threatened for trying to read an email that what we got him listed #12hoursofethan

More Wii. Lots of Wii on his !

someone isn't feeling 100% chest congestion and a very runny nose. Stupid weather changes   #12hoursofethan #stpatricksday #shamrock #Irish @photofyapp

He wasn’t feeling 100% on his birthday. We had a weather change that made his sinuses all yucky.

Getting his game one .... still #12hoursofethan #canonelph130is #photofy @photofyapp

He was sort of getting annoyed at a point with the , but at least he smiled!

Daddy’s out but Ethan’s still gaming #canonelph130is #12hoursofethan

Josh had to have a nap 😛

Dinner time. Potato, mushroom, and bacon fauxritos #12hoursofethan

Dinner was Ethan’s choice: mushrooms, bacon, potato fauxrittos.

#presents #12hoursofethan #canonelph130is

Presents were enjoyed! 😀

He got photobombed by his siter #12hoursofethan

He got photobombed by his sister and got a Ferrari!

Building spiders to scare mom #12hoursofethan

Putting together Legos is hard work!

Probab needs a shower #12hoursofethan

He had a good birthday!

Last for the night. It was a good birthday. #12hoursofethan

And I don’t think he was ready for bed. Also, he really liked his shirt.


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