Goal Met!

goal almost metOne thing I love about FitBit is that is tells you when you’re getting close to reaching your goal. It’s so satisfying to see that! And you’re like “Oh, I got this” 😀 goal met!
And of course, you GOT IT! Or I did at least!

After I hit my goal, I decided to try out the DVD I got today at Walmart for a whole $9! Leslie Sansone: 5 Mega Miles with Toning Band! I only did the first mile, but I felt AMAZING afterwards!

I also did a 5-minute quickie, and as of 9:30pm on Monday, I am at 11,021 steps. My goal for now is 7,500 steps. I hit the goal EVERY SINGLE DAY last week, minus Wednesday, when I had a migraine, and I still hit 4,513 steps, which was over half the goal I set for myself. I’d even done From Couch to 5k as well that day. So, I pushed myself, even with the pain.

I’m not seeing any drastic changes, but I haven’t made any huge dietary changes. I’m drinking less sodas, which is AMAZING for me, and I’m guzzling the water like it’s going out of style (usually).

So, while I might not reach my big goal of looking super sexy in a bikini, I’m walking steps that I haven’t walked before, and I’m finding I can still watch TV/videos and not be a lazy douche while I’m at it!


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