Project Life … and some others

So yeah, I’m already behind and I don’t even think I’m going to care enough to worry about it, 😆

Project Life Week 07
Life is about the moments you capture and remember. I think I caught some good ones! Project Life is definitely giving me a chance to remember each moment, each day, and each week, in a way I haven’t been able to before!

Project Life Week 07 Side A
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Valentine’s Day. That meant some flowers and chocolate. I made the kids pancakes that were dark red. Random selfies and just doing some “house walking” to try and get in shape.
Spending the days enjoying some Netflix and reading some good books is the best way to spend those crappy cold winter days. They sometimes feel like they go forever but it’s okay.

Project Life Week 07 Side B
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Pea Nicki

Sunday, Ethan had his Blue and Gold Banquet. I’ll admit it, I got a little choked up watching the Webelos II bridging over to Boy Scouts. I’ve watched those boys grow up and learn. I’m not ready to watch Ethan make those same steps a year from now. He’s learning so much and I’m loving the relationships we’re all building.

30 Lists Day 01
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: Day 01:

Why I Make Lists:

  1. Because I like to check off the boxes when I’m done.
  2. Because I like to see some things nicely orered.
  3. I’d forget half the things I actually need and have to go back multiple times.
  4. It’s better than not having an idea what’s going on.

Book Lovers
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March Header
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