This Week in Happy

this week in happy
Boring. . Life. But still !

UntitledI’m a little too amused by this. “Authentic Weather” is the and it’s hilarious sometimes! Untitled
Gearing up for March. This will fill in FAST, I’m sure! The is of the Saccone-Joly family, Irish YouTubers, currently in London right now. I love watching them!

UntitledI can have custom stickers, easily done. This really makes me happy! I love how customizable this planner is! I <3 it!

Ten-degree difference from what my truck thinks it is and what it actually is. About five minutes later, it did get more accurate, 😆

Oh yes. Come home to Mama. #handbagofholding #deluxehandbagofholding #thinkgeek #geekscanbestylishJosh gave me permission to order this for myself. The DELUXE from .com.

I need to #hydrate #PhotoGrid #eaactive #eaactive2 #outofshape #bikiniready #gettingbikiniready #workout #getintoshape
I made myself happy. I worked out. I need to get an actual heartrate monitor at some point to see if it’s accurate on how many calories I burn.

I got three packs of pens in the mail. One pack was a reorder.


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