This Week in Happy

this week in happy
Boring. Cold. Life. But still !

UntitledI’m a little too amused by this. “” is the and it’s hilarious sometimes! Untitled
Gearing up for March. This calendar will fill in FAST, I’m sure! The calendar is of the Saccone-Joly family, Irish YouTubers, currently in London right now. I love watching them!

UntitledI can have custom stickers, easily done. This really makes me happy! I love how customizable this planner is! I <3 it!

Ten-degree difference from what my truck thinks it is and what it actually is. About five minutes later, it did get more accurate, ๐Ÿ˜†

Oh yes. Come home to Mama. #handbagofholding #deluxehandbagofholding #thinkgeek #geekscanbestylishJosh gave me permission to order this for myself. The from

I need to #hydrate #PhotoGrid #eaactive #eaactive2 #outofshape #bikiniready #gettingbikiniready #workout #getintoshape
I made myself happy. I worked out. I need to get an actual heartrate monitor at some point to see if it’s accurate on how many calories I burn.

I got three packs of pens in the mail. One pack was a reorder.


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