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God, I love the West Wing. I’m so thankful for good dental insurance.
Also, To Command and Collar IS a BDSM book. I’m not ashamed of it 😛


Yes, a Galaxy Tab 7″. I have a Kindle Fire (1st Gen) and it routinely runs low on space. The Tab is expandable, and uses ACTUAL Android, not the butchered version that the Fire uses. The prices are comparable, and I’ll be able to do more than just basically read. I like the idea of being able to have pictures right there, and the ability to change my backgrounds and lockscreens.


This isn’t for me. This is for Madison. $530 for a full upgrade on what she has right now, and it’s exactly what we want for her, and what she needs. It’ll get her through middle school, and still allow her to do other things as well!


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