Week 02: Project Life

Nope, no currentlys. I fell behind.

No, I’ll be honest. I just didn’t feel like doing them this week. I don’t know. I just felt like I was doing the same thing, every single day. Pretty freaking boring. Even the books didn’t seem to be changing.

So, I’ll just do them when I feel like things are changing. If I have to, I’ll find another use for Tuesdays. For today, it’ll be last week’s Project Life page. Next week will have a few pages, because Sunday was Pinewood Derby and Weblos I Den Bonfire and it was wonderful! Deserves a full spread!

So it was a bit of a selfie type week, and very planner centric, but it was a good week. I also have a niece to spoil. My nephew is harder because he’s into stuff that basically needs to be purchased there (because shipping is hella stupid expensive), but newborn baby girls? Clothes and bows and things like that are super easy to cram into “if it fits, it ships” box 😀 And I can FIT a metric crapton too!

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Project 2015 January by Connie Prince
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Journaling Pieces:
It is just the week of the selfies and the random pictures. When I cleaned off the coffee table, I found things I hadn’t seen in awhile, including my dice. Since the new version of Dungeons and Dragons got delivered, I’ve really been wanting to put those beauties to use. Soon, we will find the way to do it! The kids are really wanting to play some DnD as well, so we really need to figure out how we want to do it!

Template: Project Life 2015 January by Connie Prince
Project Life 2015 January by Connie Prince
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KG Call Me Maybe
KG Next to Me Sketched

I’m loving my planner. I’m feeling so much more organized, even if I don’t have that much to do.
I became an aunt a second time over. Kailey Jo. She’s a cutie bean who is going to look absolutely adorable in all the girly stuff that her Aunt Sarah and Cousin Madi can buy her.
I’m slowly getting more consistent with my goal of five-thousand steps a day for the month of January. I started doing WiiFit but I figured out what was causing my calf muscles to lock up. Wonderful since February is coming up and that is when we usually get the most snow, at least lately. I love my FitBit so much though. I can’t wait until I get new bands!


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