I Don’t Even Know

So … I had plans to work on Week 02 Project: Life stuff … and the husband is home. My weekend? Booked solid until Tuesday when everyone goes back 😆

I have a couple layouts to share and stuff, but I really don’t want to dig and grab the credits (I need to because that’s just nice to do, plus I need to link them up at galleries).

But wow. I’m TIRED!

That’s part of the reason. What you don’t see is the little amount of sleep I’ve been getting. I’ll be in bed for at least 7 hours, but I only register four or five. Max. Sucks SO BAD, but I’m at least sleeping harder. I’m tired, but I’m not letting myself stay in bed. It’s even worse then!

I’ve also been doing ! That’s for next week! The is a snap-in extra from ! I love it!


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