This Week in Pictures: January 04-10, 2015


Boring, basic week. Though there was some excitement yesterday: my truck wouldn’t start. Battery got tested and it’s fine, so we have to schedule something for getting the alternator checked. It started, after a charge, and drove, but it was NOT a happy drive. So, fingers crossed it’s just the . It has 131k miles, so we were expecting this!

A #reflection of #me #creativeselfie #selfie #cy365 #captureyour365

Reflection of reflection of reflection!

Josh designed me in Neverwinter. Closest he could get anyway!

Josh and Ethan have a bit of an obsession with Star Wars Legos, 😆

Sanding the Pinewood Derby car

Not as cold as it got this week, but it was still cold.

My favorite person in the world.

Yeah, I don’t even know. She’s weird.

Go Colts! 😀

Mmmm…. Sobe LifeWater. Love this stuff!

Yeah, Wednesday got COLD!

He did a great job carving a Dremel 😆

Josh Selfie!


So, yeah, it was really cold. You can see ice and stuff on his face :O

Grocery list, including coupons. Go me! Ready for the week (thankfully)

Bath time! Bath time!

Face mask! Yes to Tomatoes clay mask. I love how it feels!

#nofilter #someedits #fotd  Using my #scandaleyes eyeliner from @rimmellondonus and #sugarplum from @nyc_new_york_color .... #igotitfree from @influenster #influenster #frostyvoxbox  I love the black eyeliner. I usually go for browns and bronzes, but this

I felt pretty! My skin actually looked pretty decent! Loved it!

008/365 [2015] :: Not Just a Pretty Face

And several hours later, and no shine! That was AWESOME!

#mygear #newsocks #couldntresist #valentinesday #love #hearts #cy365 #captureyour365

Socks! Thigh highs! LOVE!

Pretty dice!I love our collection of d20 (and such) dice!

Playing with apps!

#hello #selfie #selfies #fmsphotoaday

Pretty face went to waste! I didn’t end up going anywhere!

Packages came in the mail! D&D Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual.


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