My Week in Happy

I’m just going to choose one picture each week.

Lazy family Sundays.

Figured out what to do with at least some of my Notes sections of my Erin Condren!

Josh bought a Dremel and made the Delorean for Ethan’s Pinewood Derby car.

Face mask, a glass of wine, and a nearly hour long bath

Finally opened my straightener (Remington S5520 1 3/4 Inch Wide Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener). Made a claim it helped with static. Not sure if my brush messed it up or if it lied.

Crispy M&Ms are back in the States! YES! YAY! WOO!

I’m not ready to actually play, but I’m glad I have my dice!
And Josh’s dice 😛


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10 January, 2015 · 8:34 pm

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