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This Week in Happy

This week was a basic week, but it was a good week!

There is nothing better than chocolate. I don’t care if you say white chocolate isn’t chocolate, this stuff is delicious!

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He Just Talks and Talks …

He never shut up, the whole time we were were there.
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Thursday 3

wpid-instant_20150129_195127.jpeg1. I hit 10K in steps yesterday but totally had to take a small break today. My sciatic nerve was really pissy at me.
2. Ethan took part in a wax museum for Kansas Day. He did so good until he got too warm and nearly passed out.
3. I figured out why mascara is so easy for me to apply. I blink at the wand and it’s on. Weird but it works


Workout Wednesday


Yeah, that’s a good way to put it. Workout was definitely done. Lots of stretching, good stretching. And I’ve got my 10k steps in. I did a long walk, and oh god, it felt so good!

wednesdayAnd my playlist:


6 years ago …


The iPad was unveiled.
I’ll be honest. I’d rather have the Microsoft Surface. Told Josh if I had that, I wouldn’t need a new Kindle ????