Daily Archives: 30 December, 2014

Currently List: December 23-29, 2014

Star Trek marathon or something on some channel.
The dog whining was my neighbor’s dog.

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30 Days of Lists: 30 Days

D14 List 30 - Skills to work on next year

  1. Openness. It’s not really a skill, but it’s to make my life so much easier.
  2. Photography. I need to learn how to get the perfect picture without it set on “auto”
  3. Patience. I’m always low on that.
  4. Time management. Sometimes I start too early, and sometimes I start too late. I need to work on that!
  5. There are more, but we’ll see them as the year goes on.

One Little Word 2015: Happy

Everyone else seems to have these strong and powerful words, and mine is so SIMPLE. “Happy.”

My word is HAPPY. It feels SO BIG and huge to me though. As a child, I went through the pain of a split home and didn’t see my dad (and I’m a total Daddy’s girl, so you can imagine) for nearly 3 years.
Then he got custody and I wasn’t the only “girl” in his life. I had a step-mom and a baby sister coming. It was hard.

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