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Blog Posting Plans for 2015

I’m working on a blogging schedule for 2015. I’m not 100% sure how close I’ll keep it, but here’s what it’s like thus far:

Sunday: Week in Review (favorite pictures of the week, and hopefully P365 or Project: Life scrapped. I haven’t decided which route I’ll take. I’m still doing P365, just not sure how it’ll be scrapped)
Monday: Book Review or Update on my 2015 To Be Read Challenge.
Tuesday: Currently Wrap Up (the cards that I fill out each day :D)
Wednesday: Wordless or Photography something related
Thursday: Thursday 3 or Thursday 13
Friday: Fresh Baked layouts If I don’t have any, some other sort of layouts (and even random layouts, even if they’re not “Fresh Baked”
Saturday: Week in Happy (My Word of the Year is “Happy” and I want to go through, each week, on things that made me happy)

Ideas, suggestions, etc?

30 Days of Lists: Days 13 and 14

D14 List 13 - Current Soundtrack

  1. Blunt the Knives
  2. Wide Awake
  3. Gollum’s Song
  4. Safe & Sound (feat. Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars)
  5. Silent Night, Holy Night (German Version)

D14 List 14 - On my nightstand

  1. Bath and Body Works holiday lotion
  2. Suave lotion
  3. Aveeno lotion
  4. A tower fan
  5. random hair clips