Daily Archives: 12 December, 2014

30 Days of Lists: Day 12

D14 List 12 - Traditions I love

  1. Driving around looking at Christmas lights
  2. Opening Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve
  3. Taking pictures in front of the tree on Christmas Eve
  4. Finding the elf each morning
  5. Putting up the tree *after* my birthday

December Daily Layouts: Days 04-07

Yes, these are getting scrapped out of order. I’m doing them as I’m inspired. It’s all about each day, special moments. I’m getting the pictures. I’m capturing the normalness of the holidays. Some people do so much, all day, every day, during December, but I’m not like that. We’re not like that. We prefer to chill and relax. There’s enough craziness without adding more to it.

Kit: Christmas Countdown by JB Studios
Template: That Silly Elf by LissyKay

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