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I just had to share

Like seriously? I ? this man so hard!

Now, if @NathanFillion  responds, that’d be icing on the cake, but FFS, he TRIED!

On top of buying the Firefly and Serenity stuff today, courtesy of Mom’s gift card, and the Castle DVD from Netflix I need to mail in so I can get the next one, I’m in TOTAL heaven right now!

Best Birthday Purchase

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My mom got me an Amazon gift card. I finally figured out what to buy with it. I found a documentary about Firefly and Serenity and then I remembered that I was still pissed that Serenity is off of Netflix. So, I went searching. Less than $30, including shipping, for the Firefly: The Complete Series and the Serenity (Widescreen Edition)y DVD. Oh hells yes!

It’s My Birthday!!

And I even did another vlog!! 😀