Currently List: Dec 01-07, 2014

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I love that ABC has the episodes for Once Upon a Time online. Otherwise, I’d miss them most of the time. And, because of the internet/tv provider I have, I also get to see them earlier than those who don’t have a select few 😀

I didn’t actively watch it. It was on the television. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was just a weird ass thing to me. I preferred the playing of .

I finished all the seasons of Quantum Leap. Still don’t know how it ends! Ugh! That sucks!

Christmas in Handcuffs with Melissa Joan Hunter and Mario Lopez. It was pretty good! 😀

hehe, Clueless came on TV, right after I’d mentioned it. Then I go “We own it”. And I still watched it online through Netflix.

Love Actually, to me, is the quintessential holiday movie. I just love it. It’s the movie that made me start to love Kiera Knightly!

A Knight’s Tale is another movie we’ll watch when it’s on the TV, though we own it, and now I’m watching it via . As you do, right?


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