Daily Archives: 21 November, 2014

It’s a Sinus Thing


I have some craptastic sinuses. I can thank my father for that. I spent half of senior year on Claritin-D and other related meds, just to function during the day. Sinus infections left and right.

Apparently, I got scar tissue from that. Quite a bit of it. So now, I feel like I’m even more sensitive to it. My left eyeball felt like it was going to fall out. So much sinus pressure.

I guess the good thing is that I’m so used to it, I can suffer through it while chilling in bed, and while not sleeping, but blocking out the world and laying down so the throbbing isn’t so bad. I was able to wait until after dark until I took meds for it, and it did help. Not for long because they never do, but enough so that I was able to breathe without feeling the pressure in the leaking ball 😉

It really didn’t help that I watched Click, with Adam Sandler. I completely forgot that that movie turns me into a ball of tears, snot, and blubbers.

Oh well. 😀