No Writing


I didn’t add to my NaNoWriMo at all.
I haven’t been sleeping and I just couldn’t focus. Right now, I am waiting on a sleep aid to kick in. I’m just exhausted completely exhausted. I need more sleep, apparently lots. I’m writing this with my voice using oh crap WordPress for Android and Google Voice, I think. So if it looks weird, its not my fault.
oh cool it even enters.
But it doesn’t pick up so great. It could be my so called accent. I will say I’m having fun with this. I’m not having to type which means no finger cramps. I have texting thumb. And yes its a real thing.


4 responses to “No Writing

  1. *hug* I hope you feel better tomorrow. I got a grand total of 32 words written, though I did beat Amanda who wrote only 10.