Laundry is a Pain

I’m a huge fan of taking photos of the every day. Things you see all the time but never really think about.

The filling up with water is a big favorite of mine.


I hate doing , but sometimes, to make it less of a dread, I’ll pull out my dSLR and take some pictures of the filling up the tub. It’s a relaxing sort of feeling.


When I go on hikes or walks, I love to take pictures. I don’t care what camera I’m using. I will take as many pictures as my battery and/or memory card will allow. This particular shot was taken with my S4. I love the glimmers of the sun on the water. I tried to get the shot with my ELPH, but it just didn’t have the same effect. That’s why I’m thankful I chose my phone based on its , and not any of the other features.

229/365 [2014] - Swim Day

I’m also able to take my camera into the water. I have a dive-proof rubberized with hard plastic edging housing that I purchased for it. The camera floats in the housing, so I won’t lose it, and I still get amazing sound and picture quality with it. Plus, I can still play with all the buttons. I was even reviewing the pictures while it was still in the housing. I used the Polaroid Dive-Rated Waterproof Camera Housing For The Canon ELPH Digital Cameras. It doesn’t list my 130, but it fit with absolutely no issues.


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