Week in the Life: Thursday

The kids were out of school, but that didn’t mean it was a lazy day! Parent-teacher conferences! Time to check on their progress!

I get to sleep in a little. No school until Monday. Parent teacher conferences at 10:30 and 10:50. #weekinthelife #witl #weekinthelifewednesday #witlwednesday #cameramx #photofy #photofyapp @photofyapp
I did sleep in some. An extra hour really makes a difference.

The kids playing with my Kindle Fire while waiting for Madi’s conference.

Madi’s doing GREAT in school! Straight-A’s, and she has a great teacher (set of teachers, since they share classes). This will be her last year at her elementary school. Then she goes to . I guess technically it’s junior high, but they still call it middle school here. Her teacher told us about how well they work the transition, with the middle school and elementary schools working together. I love that.

Ethan’s doing well, too! They don’t do letter for them, until 5th grade, and he’s in 4th. I like that as well. I remember in 2nd grade stressing out over , and that’s just not healthy for a child!

#selfie, #photofy, @photofyapp #weekinthelife #witl #weekinthelifewednesday #witlwednesday
A random selfie. I spent most of the day working on the computer. I didn’t get a thing done, but I started twelve million different projects.

Having a #snack of #spinach with #olivegarden #dressing #photofy @photofyapp
I enjoyed a spinach salad. I need to up my greens, and though I hated spinach as a child, I just adore it now, as an adult. In fresh form like this.

Dinner was a very easy basic meal. We had mac and cheese. Yes, that was it, but we’d snacked all day, so it was enough for us. We don’t always do the healthiest of meals, but we’re all getting clean bills of health, so we must be doing something all right Winking smile

Mixing it all up. Open-mouthed smile

Another selfie. And keeping warm. It got a little nippy.

Thursday nights are nights I stay up and write the . This is a shot of my laptop screen (because I was too lazy to edit a screenshot). One top is Spotify, which I use quite regularly. Mouse is pointing at “Sarah Needs Music” which is my go-to playlist. I have ALL the music I like to listen to on it. I’ll go from Florida Georgia Line to Linkin Park to Bon Jovi to Point of Grace to Manson (“This Is Halloween”). It’s kind of crazy. Under that is Firefox with Photobucket tab activated. That’s how we share the images for . Digital scrapbooking stores use a LOT of images, and a lot of bandwidth, so we pay a little to use the unlimited with .

The store admin area has me listed as Mrs. Sarah Burkett, and that makes me giggle. Technically I’d be Ms. but it’s okay (because I’m married but I do not have my husband’s last name).

And ahh, time to sleep! Open-mouthed smile


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