Daily Archives: 25 October, 2014

Sitting Here… Waiting


Tonight is going to be a couch-sleeping night. Josh has a migraine. One of the really bad ones. He fought it, and is paying the price. It’s his second one, so he’s learning, as I did. The weather is REALLY fucking with us. Tomorrow, we’re supposed to hit record highs.

It’s called Indian Summer, and we’re sort of used to it by now, but FFS, last year, we’d already had some snow hit the ground (it didn’t STAY, but it FELL) and I don’t think we’ve hit below freezing yet this season. That’s not normal (and I totally heard that in a Biancaneve voice).

So, I’m on the couch, so that Josh can get a full night’s rest. The guy totally needs it! Deserves it.