31 Days of Scrapbooking: Day 01 & Day 02 {+Project: Life Week 38}

I’m doing a challenge. I think.

I didn’t officially sign up for it, but I’m still going to attempt it.

Yesterday, I was sick, so I didn’t share what I’d created, but I did make something 😀 Today, I finished something that I’d started yesterday.

Kit: by , part of the October 2014 Buffet

October desktop! Look how freaking BUSY I’m going to be, and that’s not everything! :O
Kit: October series by Connie Prince

Second to last week of September. I’ve been SO freaking busy lately that it’s insane!

Template: and Wildflowers
Project 2014 by Connie Prince
Brushes by and

The kids had their first picture day for the school year. Madi looked like a throwback to the 80s. So cute!
Ethan had a field trip. It was some sort of water festival. The kids had a blast, but the parents were bored out of their minds. At least the ones I had talked to.
Got to play with Baby J, and see her stand all on her own. Too dang cute and adorable.

Template: Project 2014 October series by Connie Prince
Pieces: Project 2014 October series by Connie Prince
Fonts: Janda Snickerdoodle Serif
Pretty flowers sitting on a table, making me smile. A child’s constant grin making my heart light. The ability to poke fun at myself making me feel a little more confident. A decent dinner that my family will eat. Being able to look over and see the man who owns my heart, even if he doesn’t know I’m looking. Clouds reminding me it’ll be ok.


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