30 Days of Lists {Sept. 18-22}

S14 List Header 18

  1. Scrapbooking. Well, it sort of does, but that’s because I do the admin behind-the-scenes stuff at . I also get free kits out of the deal as well!
  2. . I read on average of 300 to 350 a year. Trust me, I could make BANK if I could be paid to read 😉
  3. Playing on my phone. Maybe I need to find an app creator who needs a tester 😛
  4. Housework avoidance. If I had that, I’d have enough to hire a maid 😆

S14 List Header 19

  1. Cuddled up with my husband in bed
  2. Crashed on the couch with my blue wolf blanket
  3. My husband holds me in his arms
  4. My kids tell me they love me, and not when they’re wanting something or trying to get out of trouble

S14 List Header 20

  1. Free books
  2. in
  3. in my bed

S14 List Header 22

  1. Chili one day
  2. Shredded chicken another
  3. Pizza on Friday
  4. Alfredo one night
  5. That’s as good as I’ve got

S14 List Header 21

  1. I don’t listen to
  2. If I have free time, I read
  3. I don’t even listen to audio books
  4. I have to be actively involved
  5. That, and they’re harder to find for Android
  6. And I’m just lazy with finding things

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