30 Days of Lists {Sept 09}

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  1. Household chores
    I don’t like cleaning. I’m not a fan, unless I’m getting paid 😉
  2. Crappy books
    Crappy books make life miserable. I want to read good books.
  3. Storm system headaches
    We’re expecting some wicked storms, and I’m expecting the wickedness of my head to compete
  4. Slow internet
    Thankfully, it’s not getting sluggish right now, but I do
  5. Sleeping inspiration
    It’s on a downslope and I don’t know how to revive it 🙁
  6. Lack of desire to eat
    I need to eat, but food just doesn’t sound appetizing to me :/
  7. Unable to find the perfect font
    That’s ALWAYS a problem, and I have so many installed that it’s even worse!

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9 September, 2014 · 10:20 am

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