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30 Days of Lists {Sept 06}

S14 List Header 6

  1. Take my melatonin
    I have insomnia, and this really helps me to sleep. Not every day, but most of the time.
  2. Take a shower
    Not an every day thing, but I usually take it right before I go to sleep. I use my favorite body wash as well. It also helps with the insomnia: Village Naturals Foaming Bath Oil & Body Wash, Restless Nights
  3. Prepost DD at GS
    I do it right before bed and have it scheduled to go up at a certain time.
  4. Upload pictures
    I always make sure that they’re all uploaded at the end of the day, if I haven’t already.
  5. Check schedule for the next day.
    Sometimes I have things to do, sometimes I don’t 😀

School-Based Templates

LissyKay Designs has a couple new sets of templates out, perfect for those who want to scrap those school memories! They’re wonderful and perfect! Plenty of room for a lot of pictures or plenty of journaling!

Kit: Apples for Teacher by Trixie Scraps
Template: My {1st Day} Story by LissyKay Designs
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